Welcome to the Official Second Chance Website

    What's up everybody this is Matt from the guild. As you can see this is our official guild site that I have spent ALONG time on and i apologize for the wait on it. It's got all the information you need to understand our guild history, who's in our guild, any avents coming up, and more.

    I am very proud of each and everyone one of you by giving your upmost greated support to the guild cause. We've racked up over 130+ active members and that is phenominal. After our guild grows and grows up to about 200+ members we will get alot more seriuos into the PVP + Raiding aspect of the game when we get more 70s.

    Our ultimate goal at this time is to rack up many players up to 70 so we may have a guild Wrath of the Lich King quest run all together. We really would feel bad to leave ANYbody behind in this activity. When you accept our guild request message, you're accepting the responsibility to be a active player, respectful player, mature player, regardless if you're 10 years old, 15 years old, or 36 years old.

    Our guild does not take drama, if you're here to act immature, you're in the wrong guild, you will be removed without question. We're a great kind guild, if you're not willing to behave and act appropriate you know the rest. Joining our guild is not a waiste of time you will always get something out of it, we've got a huge guild bank full of stuff for everybody to share. We've got many players willing to help out if you need it.

    I'd like to also thank our great leader Dom for being the Founder of the guild and starting up such a great guild. We would have never gotten this far without him. Myself would have never gotten as far as ive gotten in the game if I hadn't met him in Stormwind the day it formed. So always give the man lots of respect because he really does decerve it, and we also would like to hope his Tennis business always kicks ass, good job Dom.

    Anyways guys, if you'd like to know more about the guild they're plenty of sections to explain it all, we've got FAQ's, we've got comment sections, soon to be forums, we've got Media sections, we've got it ALL. So please keep in touch stay active learning about the guild upcoming events ect.

Respect, Regards, Thanks,

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